Honda Miimo HRM 3000

Honda Miimo HRM 3000

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Miimo is the clever robotic lawnmowers range by Honda. Powered by its own batteries, Miimo works autonomously and is capable of recharging itself when needed. It can be programmed to work to a schedule that suits you. Thanks to its micro-mulching capability, Miimo cuts grass clippings into tiny particles - falling into the grass and acting as a natural fertilizer. With Miimo there is no grass to collect (which can mean a cleaner household!).

Miimo has been designed with safety in mind. It's equipped with sensors that detect any lifting or tilting motion - stopping the blades instantly. Miimo has 360° sensors and will change direction if any obstacle is detected; making it completely safe to use around pets and children.


Thanks to its electric motors, Miimo is quiet and unobtrusive. Even allowing it to cut the lawn at night without disturbing you or your neighbours.

Great slope and uneven ground capacity
Miimo is capable of cutting slopes of up to 25° degrees with its high level of traction and grip, and will never get stuck in a hole or uneven ground, thanks to its fast-reacting sensors.

Cutting height adjustment
You can easily adjust the cutting height to suit your lawn from 20mm to 60mm. It can be adjusted electronically through the smartphone app with the HRM 3000 .

Smooth turn
The HRM 3000 features our unique smooth turn technology, which allows it to turn away from the boundary wire without stopping, optimising cutting efficiency.

The HRM 3000 is fitted with advance waterproofing technology, meaning it can be washed with an ordinary garden hose.

Zone management
Miimo can tackle virtually any type of garden, even the most complex, smoothly navigating around features like ponds, flowerbeds, narrow passages, swimming pools and trees. Although Miimo will normally start its mowing from the docking station, several remote starting points can be identified to ensure perfect coverage. (5 for the HRM 3000).

Cutting time and technique adjustment
Miimo is able to automatically adjust the way it cuts to the season and grass condition, cutting more often when the grass is growing quickly. If it detects an area of thicker grass, it will adapt the way it cuts to work in a concentrated spiral pattern.

Anti-theft security
Every Miimo can be protected by a unique security code, which ensures it cannot be used by anyone else but you. It stops and sounds an alarm as soon as Miimo is lifted and only restarts once your pin number has been accepted.

Miimo 3000 Key Statistics

  • Area capacity: Up to 4000 m2
  • Working Capacity: 170m2/h
  • Battery: Li-ion 22.2V/5.4Ah
  • Mowing time per charge: 90 minutes
  • Boundary wire and pegs included: 500m / 500 pegs*
  • User Interface: Control Panel + Smartphone App* (“Mii-Monitor”)