Hire Terms & Conditions


'The hirer' detailed below relates to any customer either hiring equipment or using equipment on a loan / demonstration basis from the owner being FORTH GRASS MACHINERY LTD.

1. The hire period commences on the day of Collection/Delivery and ends on the day of Return/Collection.

2. Fully comprehensive insurance is the responsibility of the hirer. the hirer shall be fully responsible for all loss or damage to the property whilst in the hirers custody or control.

3. The hirer shall during the continuation of the contract indemnify the ower against and from any and every expense, liability, loss or claim in respect of any personnel injury, or damage to property in connection with or consequent upon the hire, delivery, use, misuse, non-use, repossession, collection, return or non-return of the plant or any part therof.

4. any faults due to the accidental damage, misuse or neglectis the responsibility of the hirer, these faults will be repaired and the hirer invoiced for such repairs at the owners current rate.

5. The hirer agrees to pay the owener all the costs incurred by the owner in recitfying the condition of the plant if returned damaged or unclean.

6. The hirer shall keep himself acquainted with the state and condition of the plant and ensure it remains safe, servicable and clean.

7. Any faults due to machine failure are the responsibility of the owner.

8. The owner reserves the right to terminate the hire at any time.

9. The owner accepts no liability whatsoever for damage or accidents caused wilst operating the machinery.

10. The owner accepts no responsibility for the losses cased by breakdowns or late or non hire.

11. The person signing the contract haning been afforded an opertunity to inspect the machine confirms it is on good working order and wholly free from damage at the time of delivery.

12. The person signing the contract warrants that they have the authority of the hirer to make this contract on the hirers behalf.

13. The person signing the contract herby acknowledges that they have been instructed in the operation and safe use of the plant. This said person and the hirer jointly hereby undertake to ensure no one uses the plant who is not properly instructed.

14. The hirer hereby authorises the owner (upon product of this document) to enter upon any premises wherein the owner reasonably believes any plant or any part therof, to be and if, and so insofar as, the owner at his absolute discretion deems necessary, to inspect, test, repair, replace or repossess the same.

15. The laws of Scotland shall govern the rights and obligations of the parties of this contract, the construction of the same and so far possible, all matters arising out of or connected with the making, execution and termination of the same.

17. Payment is required in full to secure the booking unless otherwise agreed in writing.