Honda HRX 537 HZ 21" Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

Honda HRX 537 HZ 21" Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

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The Honda HRX537HZ which, with a 21" (53cm) cutting deck, is ideal for larger gardens.

The HRX537HZ, part of Honda’s Core range, is variable self-propelled, removing the effort of manually pushing the mower. This model is fitted with Honda’s hydrostatic drive system allowing you to vary your mowing speed without effecting the speed of the blades. Power is provided by Honda’s proven GCV200 four-stroke engine which in this model is provided with an electric key start with a built-in rechargeable battery.

The Honda HRX537HZ, as one of Honda’s Core range of machines, enjoys features not found on their entry level Izy range.  As the largest of the Core mowers the HRX537HZ features Honda’s Xenoy® composite plastic/alloy cutting deck which is incredibly strong, corrosion resistant and will not become brittle when exposed to sunlight; the HRX537HZ features Honda’s Roto-stop® system that allows you to stop the blades while leaving the engine running to move the mower or empty the 85 litre grass bag. A key feature of the HRX537HZ is the Versamow™ variable system that allows you to switch between cutting & collecting and mulching via a simple lever (for more on mulching see our Guide to Mulching). Durability is further ensured through Honda's innovative design of the cutting blades which have been designed to bend and not break in the event that an obstacle is hit. This greatly reduces the likelihood of damage to the mower should such an incident occur.

Cutting height adjustment is available on each wheel with seven positions from 19mm-101mm while Honda's grass bag is designed to maximise airflow and works with the blades to maximise grass collection efficiency. With a dry weight of 46kg and easy fold steel handles the HRX537HZ is simple to store.

Power Details OHC 4-stroke Honda GCV190 187 cc 6.5hp
Engine make Honda
Transmission Hydrostatic
Starting Method Key
Design Wheeled
Cutter Deck Alloy
Cutting Width 53 cm
Cutting Heights 20 - 100 mm
Number Cutting Heights 7
Propulsion Self-Propelled
Collector 88 litres