Honda HHB25E Leaf Blower

Honda HHB25E Leaf Blower

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The Honda HHB 25 E leaf blower is the perfect solution to those untidy areas in your garden. Perfect for the discerning domestic gardener, the Honda HHB 25 E can easily take care of those fallen leaves that seem to spread about all over your garden. Packed with well-thought-out features the modern Honda HHB 25 E leaf blower offers you a quiet, clean performance.

The hard-working Honda HHB 25 E leaf blower is the very first 4-stroke hand-held leaf blower in the world so you can be assured that it is easy and reliable to start and delivers a smooth, responsive power coupled with lower emissions which is great news for the environment of course. What are you waiting for? The powerful and efficient Honda HHB 25 E is the must-have tool for keeping your garden neat and tidy.

The Honda HHB 25 E leaf blower, and we’re confident you will too, as it is an extremely handy feature that allows you to maintain the same speed over longer periods of time, meaning your hand doesn’t need to be continually on the trigger, which makes operating this leaf blower comfortable and simple. The soft-grip handle has also been designed especially to increase your comfort levels as you work.

The Honda HHB 25 E leaf blower features a unique 360º lubrication system, this allows the machine to be used (and stored) through a full 360º incline, without any risk of damage.

Honda HHB25E leaf blower features

  • Soft grip - Elastomer hand grip for increased comfort during use
  • GX25 mini 4-stroke engine - The world's first 4-stroke blower, this compact, super-quiet and efficient unit generates a powerful blast of air.
  • Unique 360º lubrication system - Allows the blower to be used and stored through a full 360º incline, without risk of damage.
  • Cruise control - Switch to maintain the engine speed without holding the trigger, for ease of use over long periods of time.
  • Easy start - The mini 4-stroke engine has a low recoil force for easy starting, smooth operation and reliability
  • Easy to handle - Lightweight and well balanced at just 4.7kg for comfortable long term use.
  • Flat nozzle - Shaped nozzle to give an accurate and powerful stream of air at up to 70m/sec. allowing you to move leaves with ease.