EGO ST1401EST 2.4mm Strimmer KIT

EGO ST1401EST 2.4mm Strimmer KIT

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The ST1400E-ST line trimmer is the latest model in our range to equipped with our unique Powerload™ technology. Following on from the world's first self-winding line trimmer (EGO Power+ ST1510E), the ST1400E-ST model gives you more choice in this game-changing technology. Fully reload the line in less than 10 seconds with no fuss and no frustration. 

Featuring a 35cm cutting width, the ST1400E-ST is supplied with a 2.4mm line diameter and cuts in a clockwise rotation. Variable speed settings mean that you can ramp up the power when you're tackling a particularly tough patch, and you can replenish your line when needed thanks to the bump head which is fitted. 

For comfort, the loop-handle can be adjusted to suit your working style, plus the telescopic shaft means the height is also adjustable to reduce bending and provide long-term health benefits.

As a kit product, the ST1401E-ST line trimmer kit is supplied with a 2.5Ah battery and standard charger. This means, when it comes to weight, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Without the battery attached, the tool is 3.4kg (4.6kg in total with the battery attached) and will run for up to 60 minutes on a full charge. The standard charger will fully recharge this battery in 50 minutes. 

*Cutting capacity 35cm
*45 minutes run time with a 2.5Ah battery
*Rapid Reload bump feed head
*Dual feed
*2.4mm diameter nylon line
*Adjustable loop handle
*Variable Speed: 4000-5800rpm
*Soft Start with Constant Speed Control: A slow ramp up to full speed for consistent trimming
*Fits all EGO batteries in the EGO range
*Includes: Rapid Reload Cutting Head, Single Shoulder Harness
*Massive 5 Year Domestic Warranty