EGO LBX6000 Commercial - Unit only

EGO LBX6000 Commercial - Unit only

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The EGO LBX6000 Commercial Backpack Blowers out power petrol-powered blowers. Setting a new standard for blowers, the LBX6000 is the most powerful handheld blower on the market.

Delivering more blowing time, more comfort and more power than petrol. With the ability to blow up to 1014m3/h of air per hour on Turbo Boost mode, the leaves and the competition don’t stand a chance.

The LBX6000 is designed to be used in conjunction with the BAX1500 commercial backpack battery. This powerful blower is light and easy to handle, plus the smooth brushless motor reduces vibration and noise compared to its petrol-powered equivalents. Also, because EGO Power+ tools operate at lower sound levels, the working environment is quieter and less stressful for the user.

Run time with BAX1500 Backpack Battery (350 minutes)

Run time with BAX1300 Backpack Battery (280 minutes)

*Brand: EGO Power+
*Battery: 56V 28.0Ah BAX1500 backpack battery + cable (not included)
*Battery Charger: Not included
*Motor: Brushless
*Speed Control: 4 level settings and boost
*Approx Run Time: Level 1: 250 mins
*Level 2: 210 mins
*Level 3: 140 mins
*Level 4: 100 mins
*Boost: 70 mins
*Maximum Air Flow Volume: 1079m3 /h
*Maximum Air Flow Speed: 212km/h
*Blow Speed: 20N
*Sound and Noise Data: 80LpA / 93LwA
*Vibration Level: 2.5m/s2
*Weight: 2.7kg
*5 Year Warranty Domestic Use / 1 Year Warranty Commercial Use