EGO LB6002E 1020m3/h Backpack Blower Kit

EGO LB6002E 1020m3/h Backpack Blower Kit

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The LB6002E Professional Backpack Blower kit is perfect for professional use. The backpack provides comfort during long periods of use, and the flexible bellows tube allows you a greater range of movement. The adjustable handle is bestowed with the power button and variable speed trigger to improve usability.

Begin your battery-powered journey with our LB6002E Professional Backpack Blower. Supplied with a 5.0Ah battery to give you up to 120 minutes run time , and a rapid charger to get you back on the move in 40 minutes.

The variable speed trigger means you can adjust the speed to suit the conditions in which you’re using it. The comfortable and sturdy backpack frame is perfect for use during long periods, plus the adjustable handle means you can set up your blower to suit you. The blower tube can be extended or shortened to give you the control and accuracy required for every job, plus the flexible bellows tube allows for greater movement. Designed with you in mind, our Professional range is perfect for those with larger gardens and wide spaces, or professional gardeners who maintain these spaces. We have plenty of other products within our Professional range, which you can see here

Voltage 56 V
Battery Port Single Port
Brushless Motor Brushless
Max. Propulsive Force 19.2 N·m
Fan Speed 25,000 /min
Type Of Tube Detachable
Nozzle No
Blower Type Axial
Waist Support Yes
Chest Belt Yes
Force 19.2 N·m
Max. Air Volume (m3/h) 1020
Max. Air Speed (m/s) 71
Tool Length (mm) 1325
Tool Width (mm) 455
Tool Height (mm) 170