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Fully redesigned Airrex AH-300i infrared heater with mobile control. The Airrex AH-300i infrared heater is our most compact fuel-fired heater model. It is best suited to heating spaces like terraces, garages, recreational facilities, leisure homes, caravan tents and greenhouses.

The best features of the Airrex fuel-fired heater include its low consumption, absence of odours, thermostatic control and silent operation. The Airrex AH-300i infrared heater does not have a fan, so it does not release dust into the breathing air.

The Airrex AH-300i is suitable for spaces of up to 1500 m³! 


Airrex is the market leader in fuel-powered infrared heaters.  Available in 3 sizes these heaters are not only cost-effective but look great too.  Some of the benefits…

  • 100% efficiency
  • Works with diesel, biodiesel and red diesel
  • Extremely low consumption (AH-300 model pictured uses 1.05 litres of fuel per hour)
  • Fully mobile, no need for fixed mounting
  • No need for a separate exhaust pipe / chimney
  • Up to 3 years warranty