Honda UMC 435 Versatool Power Unit

Honda UMC 435 Versatool Power Unit

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This fantastic new versatile Versatool from Honda allows you to tackle almost every gardening job with just one tool. The UMC435 head unit is powered by Honda's very powerful 35 cc mini 4-stroke engine which delivers 1.6 hp of power. It is ideal for professional gardeners or contractors.

The innovative joint locking system is designed for minimum effort and maximum simplicity, ensuring that changing between attachments is easier than ever. Simply push and click your chosen attachment to lock it securely into place.

The Honda Versatool is for trimming, blowing, pruning, cultivating and edging. It can tackle almost every gardening job with ease, providing an excellent performance, and leaving astonishing results.

The eight optional attachments (to be purchased separately from the accessories tab above) include a brushcutter, pruner, long-reach hedgecutter, short-reach hedgecutter, edger, blower and cultivator. You can also purchase an extension pole to make even the most hard-to-reach areas, accessible. 

The Honda Versatool really is the ideal tool for professional and home use. Tackle every gardening job with just one tool, saving you time, money and space in the garden shed!