Honda 2.0Ah Battery DP 3620 XA

Honda 2.0Ah Battery DP 3620 XA

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2Ah Li-ion Battery - Part of our Universal System for our Cordless range.

The 36V 2.0 Ah battery is our lightest battery, designed for comfortable work within the Honda 36V category. It is 46% lighter than the 36V 6.0 Ah for enhanced comfort and handling while in. The battery Cell configuration is 1P design with 10 Cells.

All Honda 36V batteries in the cordless system feature ThermoSmart battery technology for improved heat dissipation from the inside to the outside of the battery. As heat can damage the cells, the ThermoSmart technology provides a longer battery lifetime & enables it to perform for longer work periods.

Charge time - 25 mins

Current draw - 22A

Ideal for use in the New Honda Blower (HHB36BXB) or Strimmer (HHT36BXB)