Treehog Wire Core Flip Line

Treehog Wire Core Flip Line

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Made from braided polyester rope sheath, with a twisted steel wire core, the TH1171 wire cored flip line is designed for ease for use when ascending a large stem or pole.

The braided outer sheath works well with a prussik or rope grab (the diameter of the line is 11.4 mm) and an extra degree of abrasion protection is provided by a tightly woven nylon jacket.

Each flip line carries a unique serial number for identification and inspection records.

Tested and certified to EN358:1999

The steel core is designed to enable the climber to 'flip' the TH1171 up a pole or stem with ease, and is NOT designed to resist chainsaw cuts. Ascending with a flip line is a skill, and should only be undertaken by trained personnel.

The use of a second anchor point, especially during dismantling or 'blocking down' is essential.