Treehog Standard Seat Climbing Kit

Treehog Standard Seat Climbing Kit

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This kit is built around the TH7000 fixed seat harness, and includes a selection of  tree climbing essentials, all packed in one of our popular 70 Litre kit bags.

Classed as a "standard kit for tree climbers", the THCKIT3 includes many items of arborist equipment,  such as a wire cored flip line, first aid kit, cambium saver and more, as well as  the fixed seat harness. All you need apart from this kit, is a climbing rope of your choice.

The TH7000 harness is available in 3 different waist sizes (scroll down for size details). Just choose your size from the drop-down selector when ordering.

This standard arborist kit contains the following items:

*The popular TH7000 tree climbers harness, with quick release buckles and wide, ergonomic waist and leg pads
*A 3 metre wire cored flip line, complete with swivel karabiner and a 20cm cut away strap
*50 metres of throwline, and a throw weight
*A 1m cambium saver, with aluminium rings
*2 tool strops - one bungee chainsaw strop and a standard tool strop
*80cm eye-2-eye hitch, and fixed cheek pulley
*4 x karabiners - 2 oval and 2 HMS shape
*An arborists first aid kit
*2 handy warning signs
*All packed in a 70 Litre Hi Vis Orange Treehog Kit Bag!

TH7000 Tree Climbing Harness Size Details:

Small - Waist size 66 - 76cm (26" - 30")

Med/Large - Waist size 76 - 96cm (30" - 38")

X Large/XX Large - Waist size over 96cm  (38"+)