Treehog Climbing Rope

Treehog Climbing Rope

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The THCR131 is a low-stretch kernmantle rope. This means the majority of the strength is in the core of the rope, while the sheath is designed for good grip, protection and (thanks to its bright orange and black striped design) good visibility - both in the tree and on the ground.

Being a 13mm (1/2”) diameter rope, the THCR131 is designed for traditional doubled rope climbing systems.

The highly textured 16strand sheath is made from polyester and the high strength core is made from multiple twisted strands of polyamide.

The rope is finished with one specially sewn eye – low profile and neat. This method of eye termination has the advantages of spicing (small and neat) while also being suitable for machine construction, ensuring continuity in quality and strength.

NB. Being a kernmantle rope, the THCR131 can be expected to “milk” during the first few uses – especially noticeable in the longer lengths. This is normal and the rope end can be trimmed after the first few uses to keep it tidy.