Treehog Aluminium Karabiner

Treehog Aluminium Karabiner

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Triple locking action karabiner certified to EN362B.

The simple oval karabiner is perhaps one of the most popular shapes amongst tree climbers.

Being more symmetrical than the HMS shape (although still retaining a longer back for strength) there is an even distribution of the load, which helps with alignment of a climbing system.

Weighing in at just 81 grams, the THK002 has an excellent strength/weight ratio and is finished in a smooth anodised coating.

Unlike some other oval shaped karabiners on the market, the spine of our THK002 is longer, rather than thicker and so can be easily rotated through the hole of most friction devices currently in use today.

With a triple locking gate action the THK002 is both safe, yet easily operated, and will not snag on ropes thanks to the key-lock nose patern.

Each karabiner is both batch and serial numbered for tracking the necessary routine inspections.