Treehog 16mm Rigging Rope

Treehog 16mm Rigging Rope

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Manufactured from 100% high tenacity polyester fibre, our Treehog THLR116 double braid polyester rigging line is designed to provide the best combination of high strength, low elongation and abrasion resistance possible.

With a diameter of 16mm (5/8”) the THLR116 has an average breaking strain of 7,260kg and a minimum breaking strain of 6,175kg, this is one of the stronger 16mm rigging ropes available on the market.

We finish all of our THLR1 rigging ropes with a water and abrasion resistant finish, and they are colour coded according to the diameter and breaking strain:

Purple: 12mm (1/2”) 3825kg MBS

Green: 14mm (9/16”) 5400kg MBS

Yellow: 16mm (5/8”) 6175kg MBS

Red: 18mm (3/4”) 8100kg MBS