Automower Servicing

Automower Workbench

Automower Workbench

Husqvarna has developed a workbench with a solution, uniquely adapted for Husqvarna Automowers® The workbench features several solutions, making the servicing of the Automowers® more efficient, troubleshooting and tests are easily done in-line with Husqvarna standards.

The glass top has integrated antenna, boundary cable and provides four different charging connections to suit all platforms. This means our customers can keep their external charging stations and transformers at home.

After a tough working season keeping your lawn flawless, your Automower® will be ready for a round of service and maintenance. At Forth Grass Machinery, you’ll receive a very high level of service. The following services, with recommended genuine parts, are included in our basic service offer for Husqvarna Automowers®.


Electronic diagnostic (auto test)

Software – update

Blades – replacement

Battery – functional test (auto test)

Battery – charging

Safety functions – test

Functional check

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